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Welcome to the Fizzer Information site, the most visited Fizzer site on the web! This site is targeted towards administrators of IRC networks, however the information herein is useful for other purposes as well. Please spread the word about this site, although Slashdot and CNet have already done most of the work. The menu at the left can direct you to specific information that I have written about the Fizzer virus, and links to things others have written.

Total hits to this site: 1 (since May 13, 2003)

Please take a look at IRC-Unity, an organization founded in response to Fizzer, but intended to go on into the future to help prevent and hold back future attacks on IRC.

Many months ago, the "Fizzer" worm attacked IRC networks around the world. In the largest and most amazing unity of IRC networks ever, the worm was quickly driven into the ground. This page was the most popular Fizzer information page on the web, with nearly 20,000 hits in a single day (May 14, 2003). Without this page and the generosity of hundreds of people and organizations, Fizzer might still be terrorizing our IRC networks today. I want to offer my graditude and best wishes for the future, to all of those who helped. - Tyrel "Nemo" Haveman

To contact me about this site, please send a message to OnTheNautilus on AIM.


Final Update - March 2, 2004
It has been quite a while since I've updated, and this will probably be my final update. Fizzer no longer appears to be a threat to the world of IRC; in the past three months I've never seen more than three Fizzer bots connected to my network at a time. I have diverted my attention to school and other projects. It has been a pleasure serving you!

Latest Update - June 20, 2003
I have spent some time to run my statistics on the data again, as I used to do often. It now takes 20 minutes to do everything, so I'm not going to do this often. As you may see from this graph, there has been no decline in New IPs detected in nearly a month. This could be because either Fizzer has been slowed down, or Fizzer is gone completely. Furthur investigation may be pursued.

New Graph - May 20, 2003
The Statistics page now has a new graph that shows the daily averages of the same statistics the other graph uses.

Press Release - May 18, 2003
The Fizzer Task Force has issued a press release. For more information, visit

Site Redesign - May 17, 2003
I have begun to redesign my site, from a simple long nearly plain-text page to something with tables, which is a little nicer looking, and organized into several pages, instead of one large page. I hope you like it!

Infection Rate Decrease - May 17, 2003
According to my statistics, the infection rate for Fizzer appears to be decreasing (less new IPs detected), however the number of total infections is remaining somewhat steady.

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